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Author Notes:

0ldCore 9/3/2011 edit delete
Don't ask me why, but for some reason I wanted to make the dad look like Stan Lee. Except I gave him a pipe. Why did I do that? Maybe those old school tobacco pipes look rather fatherly to me. I dunno.

Also for any kids that might be reading: 0ldCøre/HardSchool does not condone nor encourage speaking to ones father in a manner such as this. This is a work of fiction. Do not try this at home.


Holy shit, I want to be a helicopter too!
There is no way I could have been a Doctor or a Fireman. Nobody told me I could have been a Helicopter. If only I knew then what I know now.
LOL suddenly reminded me of this, which reaaally stuck in my mind even though I think I only saw it like once. @n@
Good Show!
You are a Gentleman and a Scholar!

My god I love this comic.

[edit] Your black background makes my SkiFree yeti look like an old turd. That's just freaky, son.
0ldCore 10/4/2011 edit delete reply
Thanks dude... and yea, my background is black so since your avatars arms and legs are black they don't show... :/